Privacy Policy

ScarceHost's Privacy Policy

By using our services, you agree to:

1. Why is the Privacy Policy required?

The requirement of the Privacy Policy is to better serve clients who are considering their own privacy in our data storages, to ensure that ScarceHost complies with all data protection laws and to be transparent with our clients.

2. What information do we collect from customers and visitors?

If you are using our free services, we are collecting the email address of your discord account, the username of the discord account, the recorded IP address in the first registration and the last login IP. If you are visiting any of our websites, you accept the privacy policy of Google Analytics, Google Adsense and ScarceHost.

If you are using our paid services, we are collecting your first and last name, IP address, phone number, discord & paypal email address and your discord username. If you are visiting any of our websites, you accept the privacy policy of Google Analytics, Google Adsense and ScarceHost.

3. How do we use information collected from customers and visitors?

If you are a registered customer, we use the information collected to provide you services, prevent future fraud on behalf of future customers, to have a useful experience for our customers, and to offer the review of our services.

4. Notification of database violation

In the event of a database breach, we will notify you within 15 days to ensure that customers can change the password of our service account to be safe and comply with data protection laws.

5. Notice of privacy policy change

In the event of changes to the Privacy Policy, we will notify all customers 24 hours before the Privacy Policy changes into effect. The notification will be noticed in the ScarceHost discord server.

6. What data is shared with third-party companies

When you visit any of our websites, you accept Google Analytics and Google Adsense policies (for more information, you must visit the website, you agree to provide your country name, device information, browser information, and other information to Google. For more information, see the Google Analytics and Adsense privacy policy. And when you register, you consent to allow us to share the email address with Trustpilot. Any other customer information is not shared with third party companies.

7. Where is customer data stored?

All information and data are stored within the United Kingdom.

8. How long will the collected data be stored?

All data collected will be stored until the date of termination of the account and services or withdrawal of the client's request.

9. Rights of European citizens

European citizens have the right to:

Withdraw consent to the User Agreement, please contact us via a Discord support ticket. Once the withdrawal is completed, you will no longer be able to use our services and we will no longer store your collected information.

Request the data collected. You may request your collected data to ensure that we are collecting the specific information that we have provided to you in our Privacy Policy. To request the collected data, please contact us via a discord support ticket , the request will be completed within 5 business days and sent to the customer's email.

The right to restrict us from the collection and processing of specific data. If you want to restrict us from collecting and processing specific data, please contact us via a discord support ticket.

10. Data officer

We have a data controller who is in charge of the data collected. The Data Officer contacts is GeckoBoy84#4718 (Discord).